Doctor Who 4 am wake up call

So for those not in the know, the identity of the actor who will portray the 12th Doctor will be revealed live on Sunday night GMT. Thankfully the ABC will be simulcasting the event, which occurs at 4 am Monday morning my time and they will replay the program at 8:30 pm Monday night. Three cheers for the ABC.

So am I getting up at 4? Hell yes! I cannot wait any longer and if I don’t I’ll only get spoiled by some post on the Internet later in the morning. And why would I not want to experience this event live with the rest of the fans? It is the first opportunity I have had to do this. The last couple of times anyone outside the UK has had to deal with finding out online.

The program is only a half hour long and there will be Moffat and Smith along with Peter Davison and Tom Baker. Yes it will be 28 minutes of fluff, but it’s 28 minutes of Doctor Who fluff!

So to all the analytical chemistry students who will be in my Monday morning class, I do not apologise. I’m tired. Shut up and do some UV Vis spectroscopy.


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