Book Review: ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain

I am introvert, hear me curl up and read a book!

This book is a great big “Fuck You!” to society and it’s current worship of the outgoing, bubbly, fake, collaborating mindset. But the book isn’t angry; it’s a well-researched argument that delves into the last 100 years of psychological research to back up the arguments.

Susan questions how and why the outgoing gregarious type became the epitome of success in the last few decades. The rise of these values has given way to leaders who may have the loudest voice, but may not have the sharpest mind. The success of a person is defined in how well they can sell themselves and their work. These factors are no longer judged purely on their merit.

The book discusses the difficulties that an introvert faces in study, the workplace and in relationships while giving case-studies and examples throughout. Susan doesn’t recommend that all us introverts curl up in a ball in the dark, she encourages us to push our boundaries; all the while questioning where these boundaries are set.

This book was affirming and even though I am proud of my personality, it gave me more confidence in who I am and that my behaviours are normal and should not be viewed negatively.


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