The Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi

4 am Monday morning. Here is the face that you will come to adore.  To associate with intrigue, adventure and mystery. To be added into montage posters, plastered on lunchboxes and grace covers of books, DVDs and comics.
I may sound rather dramatic, but that is essentially what it means to me.
The casting didn’t shock me as I had been keeping up with the casting rumours last week, albeit sceptically. So it was only a slight surprise that the bookies were correct. I remember googling his name last week and seeing that he was that mad guy from “The Thick of It”, and he had previously been in Who; “The Fires of Pompeii” (I need to re watch this episode). 
Personally I am very happy with the casting. I was hoping for an older Doctor as I really do think the age of Matt Smith was pushing the envelope. We haven’t had a decently aged looking Doctor since Sylvester as Seven, who, even though early episodes were terrible, came to portray the Doctor in such a dark and enigmatic way. So the older Doctor box was thoroughly ticked. Between knowing his acting talent and the talent of Moffat and the crew, I am certain that we will see another successful Doctor.
It’s funny seeing all of Peter’s past Doctor Who fandom coming out of the woodwork. Old letters, drawings and articles from 70s and 80s fanzines. This man grew up adoring this show and possibly is acting due to it’s influence. Contrast this to Smith, who had not watched an episode before being cast. Smith is also young in his career, he wants to try different things, break into the US movie market. Here we have Capaldi, a fan who has acted for years. Nothing to prove, has already made a name for himself. Are we going to get a longer term Doctor? One who is happier to take on the gruelling schedule for more than three seasons?
Even though his first full episode is more than likely a whole year away, I sit daydreaming about what he’ll be like, what he’ll wear. Will he be funny, angry, stern, flippant? I just have to reassure myself that whatever he’ll be, he’ll be the Doctor and he will be fantastic.

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