Book Review: ‘Haunted and Mysterious Australia’ by Tim the Yowie Man

What does a travel book written by Tim the Yowie Man, the Steve Irwin of Bunyips and Things That Go Bump in the Night, offer a complete sceptic like myself you may ask?

Well the book is not that crazy, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. I see it as a travel guide to Australia that shows quirky places with weird tales. I really don’t want to climb the harbour bridge or hug a koala. Cliche. I want to see the supposed Egyptian hieroglyphs on the mid NSW coast and see if I can witness the Min Min lights in the outback.

The book does not get too heavy on the believer side. It tells the tale of each locale and leaves the evidence open. Plus there are locations here without spooky tales; they’re just great and weird places to go.

Since reading this book I have visited several places featured, including:

  • Picton “The most haunted town in Australia”. Nothing to report. Old train tunnel. People around me “seeing lights” in there. Overactive imaginations and suggestibility in combination with sensory deprivation.
  • The National Film and Sound Archive – definitely a great atmosphere with all the stone. It used to be a medical school and the theory is that with so much cold stone and cadavers it surely must be haunted. Great place to visit despite this.
  • Monte Christo, “Australia’s most haunted house”. A bit gimmicky. Owners have restored the old house, but instead of removing the rendered outside, have decided to paint bricks onto the house.

In summary, a great alternative travel guide for Australians or visitors who don’t want to visit the boring and predictable tourist spots.


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