The Underground Nuclear Bunker in Las Vegas Straight from The Brady Bunch

Got a spare US$1.7 million?

You could own yourself a unique property in the heart of Las Vegas. Sure it’s 10 metres underground but the Las Vegas summer is warm and I’m sure this place has great insulation. This house was the Bluth equivalent for the nuclear age. Entrepreneur Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson, built this wonderland in the mid 70s as a prototype to launch his luxury bunker company, Underground World Home Inc.
The house boasts a heated pool (with a water fountain), a four-hole putting course, Jacuzzis, a bar, and a dance floor. Then there are more unusual features, like the sky control system—a dimmer that can be set to “morning,” “dusk,” or “night,” which activates the “stars” embedded in the ceiling. Just above them, a thick concrete shell protects this perfect suburban simulacra from impending nuclear doom.
What you end up with is ‘The Brady Bunch’ meets ‘Blast From the Past’.


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